1. buzz

    Going back to her natural Wookie color?

  2. cmonreally

    Bless her heart, she just tries so hard.

  3. Instagram must have rolled out a De-Wookify filter

  4. Dr Kranknstein

    The most photoshopped image EVER

  5. MarketingMike

    Either a demonstration of serious Photoshop talent,
    or she’s had some seriously good Plastic Surgery.

    I’m not complaining, she actually looks sexy. Gasp!
    Wait, I can never take those words back, can I?

  6. Wow. She looks good.

  7. Must’ve broken photoshop to do those two pictures

  8. your tongue, my balls.


  9. waynemoores

    Hate to admit it…she looks good…just shoot me now

  10. charlesatlas

    These were probably meant for

  11. tlmck

    That chick is hot, but where’s the Khloe pic?

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