1. Behind the Green Door

    I can’t think of anything funny, as my little head is doing all the thinking.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    If the nipple dress won Anne Hathaway an Oscar . . .

  3. Your Huckleberry

    It was so cold in the room, that a dozen people lost an eye to Olivia Munn’s pokies.

  4. I think I’d be more excited if that dress didn’t look like the shelves in my refrigerator.

  5. Mike

    The worst thing that ever happened to her is that she grew up. God bless her for finally appearing in a good TV show, but she’s lame now.

  6. Gotta love a beautiful Asian woman.

  7. Me love long time.

  8. Natty Ice

    Everything started off fine. Her hair and makeup came out great. Dress fit like a glove. She was smiling for the cameras and then, as she turned her head for another picture, she spotted it. The huge shrimp cocktail platter across the room and all those old memories came flooding back…

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