1. elephantman

    Here we go with the chin jokes again.

  2. alex

    I finally figured it out…she requires long shots only. If we get within 10 feet (or about a 50mm lens), it requires one of those tin foil plates with a tiny pin hole….like when you look at the sun during an eclipse.

    And just for Elephantman, CHIN!

  3. brick

    Trying her best to garner comments “only” about her ugly dress.

  4. cmonreally

    She actually looks tolerable here. That make up trick (contouring?) does wonders for ugly chick’s.

  5. It sucks when you’re the daughter of a hot chick, but you look like your dad.

  6. She is looking semi-bangable these days, I think it is time to look into getting glasses.

  7. Is it me, or she getting better… I mean skankier??

  8. Scanner

    Jay Leno’s arch nemesis – Super Chin Bitch.

  9. Someone needs to tell her that she still has a nose ring.

  10. A fine body, yes, but only a face Mr. Potato-head could love.

  11. Jesus…she couldn’t pull off ‘sexy’ if she was putting lotion on her skin at the bottom of a dry well in my basement.

    I’ve said too much…

  12. Little Tongue

    And she FINALLY got it shaved the fuck off! (or did she really?)

  13. renotastic

    “Drippy ki yay, motherfucker!”

  14. Cock Dr

    If you’re going for a tangerine hair color and you’re a brunette be prepared to touch up those roots frequently.

  15. your tongue, my balls.

    This. Is. Unfortunate.

  16. MIRV

    Instead of trying to look hot / presentable she should just get her own Die Hard; she’d pull off beating/shooting/killing at least as well as her dad.

  17. cc

    Clearly, she’s left-brain dominant.

  18. You already have enough things going against you, you’re going to get shitty tattoos as well?

  19. tlmck

    I wonder what would happen if you combined Demi Moore’s body with Bruce Willis’ face. Oh wait…

  20. Is it wrong to say she’s not that bad looking? I think she’s attractive… Why don’t you people make fun of people like Jon Hamm’s unattractive, celeb wannabee girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt (like you’re supposed to) (dammit)?

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