1. “You…Me… meshing our sexual organs together in the coat room…Huh?….Huh?”

  2. malaka

    i’m robyn sparkles!

  3. Ruff Zarf

    “This is the church. This is the steeple. Open the door and…piss off, you cranberry vodka drinking whore!”
    “I knew these brass knuckles would come in handy”

  4. Extenze

    *guy behind them* I should’ve had a Keystone Light…no beer face.

  5. Mike

    You sure that’s Chris Evans? Looks like Joel McHale.

  6. “Hey, I’ve been frozen for 80 years. Got a lot of catching up to do.”

  7. s45qu4tch

    And this is how an octopus scissors

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