1. I’d recognize that wall anywhere… that’s the Chateau Marmont!

    Now, who’s Taryn Manning?

  2. MarketingMike

    Ahhh, the stories that wall could tell….

  3. Cock Dr

    it’s the Vanity Fair Campaign Young Hollywood Party, is she lost? That woman looks over 40, she’s practically dead.

    • I’m assuming she was there as a cautionary example.

    • MarketingMike

      You are correct, she’s just turning 39 (as per IMDB).
      She looks every second of it too, and more…

      BTW, nice snake “line art” tattoo on her elbow.
      Don’t these actresses ever think about
      how these shitty tat’s will look at 40?

  4. Always was a hard looking woman.

  5. that girl is so fucking weird

  6. What a waste of tits and a vagina!

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