1. um ok

    pull that trigger hunny.

    • Running through it

      Michelle Pfeiffer, but damn those lips are perfect. Instant boner looking at those lips. Her mouth is a masterpiece from God.

  2. Raoul

    You’d be cranky too if you couldn’t fully close your eyelids to sleep at night.

  3. celebutard

    Which is exactly where she should be: gone.

  4. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    never saw an enraged chipmunk before.

  5. stacy

    Is she having a stroke or something?

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Excuse me, my eyes are back there!!!”

  7. “SPEAK UP!! EARWIG!!!”

  8. Da Cheese

    What happened to the good motorboating she offered? This is more dinghy material.

  9. If my face could make that expression I’d want to shoot myself in the head, too.

  10. (There goes a narwhal)
    (Look out for that bikini whale!)

  11. “I’b dorry…I dan’t ear so gud since ba stroke”

  12. ss109

    Holy Sh1T!! I thought it was Madonna

  13. Robert

    Wow, the material girl is lookin’ good.

  14. “Sorry, i can’t hear you with all the screaming going on in my head.”

  15. The Brown Streak

    We shouldn’t be making fun of people who are having a stroke.

  16. smoke

    I thought that was Madonna for a second. Yikes.

  17. disillusionisreal

    Yeah, looks like all that high highfalutin’ Hollywood livin’ has taken its toll….she’s what…all of 20?

  18. EricLr

    Just keep acting human…keep acting human….MUST KILL THE EARTHLINGS….no….no…regain control…keep acting human…keep acting human…

  19. “Some guy tried to stick his thingie in my ear.”

  20. The TROOF


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