1. Frank Burns

    Let the comments about a “tossed salad” begin!

  2. Kiss My Ass Elmo

    Demonstrating the one skill she’s truly mastered.

  3. BP

    Finally “mixing in a salad”

  4. Oh please, the one thing we all know too well is that she eats!

  5. Raoul

    After checking every plate, drink and salad for a sign of one of her three rings hidden inside, she decided it was safe to eat. Sigh.

  6. O'chunt

    Salad? I can see five sausages right next to her mouth.

  7. What’s next, a plate of mashed yeast?

  8. I’m sure that it’s just the angle but it looks like a little person just off-camera is feeding her.

  9. stacy

    LeAnn Rimes just ran out of the room screaming about getting fat.

  10. Rooster

    she’s just eating the mint out of the julep.

  11. Da Cheese

    Nom nom nom

  12. Deacon Jones

    (hushed whisper to her friends)

    “…..I called ahead and told them to wrap the mozzarella sticks in lettuce”

  13. DeucePickle

    Seen here scraping lettuce out of her mouth

  14. bigalkie

    Who knew! Jennifer Love Hewitt cleaned up in Tammy Faye Baker’s will. She got the false eyelashes and the pancake makeup!

  15. “Salad’s not food. Salad comes with the food. You go out, you order a steak. What do they do? They bring you a salad. They don’t even charge you anything for it, cause it ain’t worth anything, cause it ain’t
    food! Salad comes before a meal. Salad is a promissory note that
    food will soon arrive.”
    -John Pinette

  16. The bite of salad says she knew the paparazzi were watching…but those ballpark frank sausage fingers say the waiter knows to bring a cheesecake in the doggie bag.

  17. The Brown Streak

    It’s bad when she has to be force fed by LeAnn Rimes.

  18. Cellulite Booty

    Seems legit.

  19. Trey

    Some people! You go girl you eat and F*** People!
    What is everyone so pose to weight 60 pounds!

  20. EricLr

    When did her eyelashes become bigger than her career?

  21. At this point it should be obvious to everyone that large helpings of veggies help build great tits!

  22. Wow, they can do anything with Photoshop.

  23. The TROOF

    I’d fuck the living fuck out of this fuck’s fuckhole. Then I’d fuck her asshole while I distracted her with a ring.

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