1. Raoul

    “Hmm. Yes, I believe we’ll have to repaint this mantle. And touch up the mortar on the surround while we’re in there.”

    Next time on DIY Network’s “Property (not)Virgins”!

  2. Cock Dr

    She doesn’t have an outstandingly beautiful face.
    She has no discernable “talent”
    But Dita does have style, and a certain something, best displayed while in lingerie or writhing naked in a giant champagne glass.
    We’re just gonna forget the Marilyn Manson thing. We all make dreadful mistakes with guys in bands.

  3. El Jefe

    She is a pretty badass chick and gorgeous skin like porcelain.

  4. jeffiner

    i dress like that when i do housework, too.

  5. bigalkie

    Photo shop can take the ugliest pigs and make them look less ugly. Bravo!

  6. George P Burdll

    I’m tired,
    sick and tired of love,
    I’ve had my fill of love,
    from below and above,
    tired of being admired,
    tired of love uninspired.

  7. Wow, she cleaned the mineral oil off the lens for this one!

  8. Goddamnit…she is hotter than nine acres of horseradish!

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