1. Johnny P!

    Those poor kids have Richard Grieco raising funds for them?!?
    WTF is $7.99 gonna buy in miracle breakthroughs?
    Hang in there kids, and look for ‘alternative therapy’.

  2. BP

    Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah!
    Dick Grieco (was in some stupid TV Show in the 80′s)

    • eatme

      blasphemous comment from someone obviously too young to have watched it. 21 jump street was, once upon a time, THE show (although, admittedly, no longer so when Grieco got on it).

  3. Raoul

    Pacino is lookin’ yoked!

  4. It’s spelled H-A-S B-E-E-N.

  5. Russell Brandt is taking steroids now?

  6. “The 4th Annual Celebrity Oscar “Grifting” Suite…” There, now it properly conveys what actually happens with these so-called charities.

    • Mary Kelly

      Before making an ignorant comment, maybe you should do your homework first and check the charity out. They are a hardworking group of people who help children with cancer. What do you do?

  7. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Greibowing: not a meme.

  8. Jiminy Cryptic

    They said HATS OFF motherfucker!

  9. Colin

    Greg Giraldo’s actually looking pretty good.

  10. I hate Russian dancing.

  11. judging you

    Failed discount Johnny Depp now with a douche beard and a jaunty hat. …and maybe some type of wig?

  12. El Jefe

    He looks like he frequents a lot of gay bars.

  13. The Pope

    After you’re done cleaning this wall, go hang up those shirts, then you can take your break.

  14. DeucePickle

    Somebody stop that guy, he’s signing everything as Johnny Depp !

  15. “The 4th Annual Celebrity Oscar Gifting Suite & Party to benefit Hats Off For Cancer charity for children in Hollywood?”

    Worst name of a charity ever.

  16. bigalkie

    Richard Greco getting ready for the ahem, “audition” !

  17. He went on to write “21 JUMP STREET RULEZ!”

  18. squishy

    Sorry who?

  19. The Brown Streak

    All the kids were disappointed when they thought they were going to get the Geico gekko.

  20. Highway 66

    Like a deer caught in the headlights, no one would miss it him if you ran him over.

  21. Veronica

    Capt. Fuller has put him on an assignment to catch a gang of high school graffiti artists by going undercover and joining their gang.

  22. King Diamond

    Paul Stanley let himself go.

  23. Why the sudden resurgence of Richard Gayco?

  24. EricLr

    Hey, when did Richard Greico start dressing like a douchebag?

    Oh yeah, since forever.

  25. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to present, the face of irrelevance…

  26. 21 Dump Street. He actually had an album out back in the day.

  27. “What?…who, me?…NOOO, I wasn’t writing on the…no, really, it wasn’t me…”

  28. Colostomy Bag

    Is it OK if I write my suicide note here? Anyone? Can anyone hear me? Hello?

  29. I thought you had to register at the police department, but I guess you can do it at the mall.

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