1. Raoul

    “Call me Queefer Sutherland!”

  2. Dodged THAT chubby one.. yeeesh…

  3. Kiss My Ass Elmo

    Did that outfit come with a free bowl of soup? It looks good on you though.

  4. “Dayum chick, that’s one smelly ass. What in the hell did you have for dinner?”

  5. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    The awkward look of a man whose never been that close to a woman before.

  6. “Psssst. Adele. That was pitchy.”

  7. SnarkyG


  8. gillian

    Do I detect the faint outline of a bro?

  9. I’m surprised he hasn’t managed to find a way to open this sweater 5 buttons deep.

  10. Deacon Jones

    (yikes, a female…)

  11. “Please don’t let Susan Boyle recognize me, please don’t let Susan Boyle recognize me…”

  12. squishy

    Moobs meeting moobs…awkward!!

  13. Claire

    Where did his titties go? The fuck happened to his titties. Fucking, last week he had giant tits, and now. And now? What’s up tit face?

  14. Star Droppings

    I’m just getting a look at this today. Why hasn’t anyone said anything about the penis lapel pin?

  15. EricLr

    Oops…pooped ‘em.

  16. “I already paid you plenty!” “Now delete those pics of me with the strapon”

  17. This just in…Today Simon Cowell was apprehended as he lifted an unsuspecting woman’s wallet out of her purse…

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