1. stacy

    Looks rather nice but she sure does have a vacant stare.

  2. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    It’s ironic someone with the last name Heard has such a vacant I’m-not-listening stare.

  3. Any Guy

    I Heard Amber don’t like dudes. shame. because I’d TOTALLY have a shot with her if she did. oh wait.

  4. That chick has a big head. If she put her hands up next to her face she would look like an Edvard Munch painting.

    Fuck, too much?

  5. She’s clearly thinking very hard about something. Probably fountain pens, and who still uses them.

  6. Biff

    So what did she hear anyway…?

  7. The Brown Streak

    ESPN presents What if Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Snort.

  8. Cute dress! But she looks like she had whatever Paula Abdul had that night.

  9. disillusionisreal


  10. EricLr

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with our first successful Chloe Sevigny clone. She’s younger, faster, and 80% less likely to date dirtbags.

  11. stubbs

    The first graduate from the Kristen Stewart School of Facial Expression.

  12. Dude: On the way home a came across a bunch of cows.
    Cowboy: Not bunch. Herd.
    Dude: Heard of what?
    Cowboy: Cows.
    Dude: Of course I’ve heard of cows.
    Cowboy: No…a cow herd.
    Dude: I don’t give a shit what a cow heard. I got no secrets from a cow!

  13. Clown Shoes

    Amber was quoted as saying “I don’t care about the pen but love the box!”

  14. The TROOF

    Vapid cunt.

  15. boohoo

    Everytime I see this chick I think of Stephanie from Full house. I don’t why???

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