1. Mr. Poop

    This clown deserves a good beating.

  2. Remember, kids: dipping your shit in gold doesn’t make it not shit.

  3. I bet he craps in his hand and asks his assistants to tell him how good it smells.

  4. “I’ am fluent in over six million forms of douchebaggery.”

  5. Will.I.am.an.asshole

  6. Inner Retard

    His fashion sense never disappoints!

  7. Hey! He’s wearing the same shoes my PSHome av wears!

  8. Welcome to the alien invasion.

  9. broduh jenner


  10. VulvatheGreat

    If I were rich I’d wear a giant sleeve with sleeves sewn on it too. You can never have too many sleeves.

  11. Skeezix


  12. Qmak

    “So Darth…you and the stormtroopers are going to hide until its time to dunk Han Solo in the carbonite? Man that’s cold.”

  13. Dinklage is going to get in a lot of trouble for doing Game of Thrones in black face.

  14. He looks like someone cut him off at the knees and he’s wearing boots on the stumps.

  15. CK

    “The Dipper Don”

  16. bigalkie

    What a poser.. Yo Uncle Tom..

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