1. Human Centipede. You’re doing it wrong.

  2. The Pope

    Sin City 2 is going to suck.

  3. This looks like a promo shoot for “The Newsroom”.

  4. JP!

    Shot against green screen so ‘fans and frenzied paps’ can easily be Photoshopped in later.

  5. Inner Retard

    Munn: No, No. If you want to fist me you’re doing it wrong. And it will cost you extra.

  6. jd

    I’d swear Olivia Munn used to be white.

  7. Olivia Munn. Rhymes with “FUN.”

  8. Anal sex does hurt the 1st time or with a huge cock.

  9. This is the most awkward photo in history

  10. Wow, I’d have guessed that any picture of 2 random people and Olivia Munn, the odds would be almost zero that Munn would be the most famous person in the picture.

  11. Axerty

    Isn’t that the guy from Justified and The Pacific?

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