1. B&WMinstrel

    That’s ‘wish you were here’ in baboon

  2. If I were planning a trip to Japan, I would practice how to use their terlets, too.

  3. Cock Dr

    Such talent!

  4. BP

    Jump Ya Biyatch!

  5. “That’s no moon.”

  6. Here for the butt pictures

    Is she doing publicity stills for Bang Bros?

  7. Sometimes a girl just has to drop a deuce.

  8. cc

    ‘Don’t poop in our pool we don’t swim in your toilet.’

  9. The Ghost

    In the upper right, It appeared to me she was levitating over the pool, until I took a closer look

  10. Look at that fucking ass, man. I can’t help it. I want to wreck this chick. There will be no mercy.

    • What the hell is the fascination with chicks with fat asses. They cant wipe or wash them correctly since they are so big, they smell, they are just discussing. Maybe it is just a thug thing to like them? If so i will pass on the Thug life

      • mel

        yup. i feel exactly the same way. big ass= big, repugnant stink. i prefer my women to not smell like feces thank you very much. i can only imagine that once she gets to taking off her pants, the stench begins permeating the entire room. ghetto dudes must like poop stink…that’s all there is to it.

  11. Butt plugger

    That is some nice ass right there!!!

  12. I never would have thot she had such a fucking fat ass.

  13. lawn

    That’s a whole lotta caboose!

  14. flaT

    Thank god it’s not her face.

  15. Jentilly

    Is she taking a shit in the pool? Classy!

  16. Miss Jane

    Those shoes are hideous!

  17. Skeeter

    I’d like to see her take a milk enema and spray it out across a room while she’s singing one of her songs.

  18. me

    So a fake ass trumps talent these days…. who knew?

  19. Careful fellas, it’s an optical illusion!! Sure it looks like you can hit it from the back but keep in mind that once you’re in position, you’re still 12 feet from the hole!

  20. If they can make Kim Kardashian look like a goddess with Photoshop, why can’t they fix these cool pictures by taking this gawd-awful skank out of them?

  21. *pokes eyes out with a rusty fork*

  22. Gordon

    I like her hat.

  23. squiggy

    Ah, who doesn’t love candid photos? So natural. It’s like watching a gazelle in its own environment (like a zoo with two way mirrors).

  24. donkeylicks

    I don’t care what anyone says, I like Coco’s new look!

  25. She sure knows how to put the ‘ass’ in ‘classy’.
    That is Pippa Middleton, right?

  26. bigalkie

    Looks like a bikini clad Rhinoceros

  27. tlmck

    That would explain why the skies are dark.

  28. Throb the Wonder Mule

    She’s showing her ONLY skill/talent. Her big fat ass and fake titties. I like.

    THANK GAWD she isn’t trying to sing/rap in these pictures. It would hurt my ears even though they are only pictures.

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