1. B&WMinstrel

    If these pictures are to be believed this is going to be the show of the summer. I’m guessing some kind of live action Angry Birds.

  2. “I’ll be damned, Kendra, you were right! The buoyancy force on an object *is* equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces! Did you learn that in Hef’s Grotto?”

  3. BP

    Damn, I really am fat, ugly and repulsive!

  4. They had to block out the Apple logo so he didn’t think it was food and eat it.
    Ha! Like he’d eat fruits and vegatables. That just Kendra’s bikini bottoms stuck to it.

  5. “..seeee….I told you TMZ was..hereeeee”

  6. “I keep a picture of my penis just to remind myself what it looks like.”

  7. “Oh my goodness. This is the biggest Graham cracker I’ve ever seen! Now just get me a giant chocolate bar and a humongous marshmallow, and nobody will get hurt!”

  8. JP!

    “Ohmygawd! You’re right! You do look like Pikachu!”

  9. Cock Dr

    Oh DAMN that’s a bright yellow. Ow.

  10. email from nic nolte.
    he wants his raincoat back.

  11. “Louie. I don’t want to see your sex tape.”
    “Here comes the dirty Sanchez!”

  12. “Kendra, look at this picture. See, I have to stay this big. Ya know, you can’t drive a railroad spike with a tack hammer…”

  13. alex

    Dang, I thought it was Brian Dennehy from the thumbnail.

  14. CK

    Despite being cast with one of America’s premier comedians, we see the slut can’t take her eyes off the furry microphone, practically drooling, as it appears from off-screen.

  15. bigalkie

    The Pope of Chipwich Village>

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