1. “Please not another maid story… please…”

  2. “I really love the maids here. I have sex with one then I am horny an hour later.”

  3. BP

    Nice dye job Ahnolt!

  4. “조용히 하다, 조용히 하다, 조용히 하다”
    Translation: “Shut up…shut up…shut up…”

  5. cc

    The old models were easy to spot, they had rubber skin…

  6. JP!

    Arnold in Seoul.
    The man really is a chameleon!

  7. yes i had sex last night with a korean nanny,.
    -but she was a baaaad nanny.

  8. “Okay, you got me. I do eat dog. I think my illegitimate son is proof of that.”

  9. “My new movie, ‘The Last Stand,’ takes place in post-apocalyptic New York City where one of the few survivors operates the only hot dog cart left in the city.”

  10. bigalkie

    “Yes, I agree.. Nicky Minaj is a pig. Even I wouldn’t fuck her”

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