1. B&WMinstrel

    “Not with my second best dick”

  2. Catholic priests know that koala’s expression well…

  3. Yeahhhh

    Koala: “Is this bitch serious?”

  4. Koalas are already suffering through a chlamydia outbreak*, they don’t need anything else.

    *true story –

  5. “How’s ’bout you let ol’ Bethany put a joey in yer pocket?”

  6. “jesus lady….at least give me more of the Skinny Girl shit you make”

  7. Emma Watson's Vagina

    this kinda reminds me of a reversal of the movie “Jawbreakers” with Rose McGowan

  8. Looks like Grayskull is safe as long as koalas exist.

  9. Sparky

    “Um, yeah, I’m gonna need A LOT more of these green leaves before that looks appetizing”

  10. cc

    Does this count as habitat degradation?

  11. “I’m about to piss in your eye, lady. “

  12. “If I claw at her face, it would be an improvement”.

  13. VulvatheGreat

    Poor thing couldn’t take it. He resorted to ripping out his own eyeballs.

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    Someone is about to know what it feels like to be bitch-slapped by a koala.

  15. Koalas are cute until them prehistoric claws are sunk into your goddamn grill!

  16. She needs the koala to fill the hole in her heart. Literally. Did you see the first post today?

  17. it makes me ill that anybody takes this worthless twat’s picture. pretty sure even the koala feels me.

  18. “Unbearable. That’s what it is—unbearable. Skank tourists. Australia is crawling with skank tourists. And I know who’s to blame: Qantas. I hate Qantas.”

  19. GODDAMNIT, I fucking TOLD her if she kept making that ugly mug her face would freeze that way…

  20. OzMatters

    Christ, that place is only 2km from where I live. Better lock the doors and put garlic on the windows.

  21. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Got to do better than that, ‘Straya Cunt ! !

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