1. I assume the sweatpant legs are rolled up for a massive deluge of douchewater.

    Not sure there is an explanation for the bitch’s boots though.

  2. Can’t someone run this little asshole over with a truck so we don’t have to see him ever again? We lose people like Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but we are forced to live on with assholes like this?

  3. j/k


  4. brick

    You could throw me in a goodwill store blindfolded and I’d come out looking way better than this. He’s trying way too hard to…..I don’t fucking know!?!

  5. Maybe he just doesn’t own a mirror?

  6. Calhau

    And that was the last time that Mrs LaBoeuf let her son pick his own clothes.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    He’s trolling the shit out of us. And I love it.

  8. So now he’s plagiarizing Monty Python?

  9. Francis

    He looks ready to cut some trees in the north pole.
    Wait, what?!

  10. I think he’s actually stealing Britney Spears’ old clothes

  11. pretty sure he’s just trolling us all. i mean…no one can be THAT douchey.

  12. OH COME ON! He’s got to be fucking with us…NOBODY is this big a douchebag. NOBODY!

  13. JimBB

    Dear guy in SUV: Please step on the gas. We’ll honor you forever, I promise!

  14. cmonreally

    I’ll bet his cologne is a used colostomy bag.

  15. coljack

    “I’m not famous anymore, so time to start dressing like a regular person. I think this is what they wear,” said Shia after volunteering at a summer camp for adults with Down’s syndrome.

  16. coljack

    “Gotta keep a low profile. I should put on a disguise,” thought Shia, “I think I still have some clothes Megan left at my house.”

  17. The “actor” has clearly gone full retard.

  18. anonymous

    Dress like that…I bet he get all the ass he wants down at the senior center.

  19. Pat C.

    Here’s a horrible thought – what if I knew him personally? I’m grateful for the path my life has taken.

  20. All he is missing is the superman cape, the box of graham crackers, and the broken Transformer doll with the missing head tucked in his waist band.

  21. CAM

    “Did I do that?”

  22. MZ MIZRY

    tots trolling.
    it gets him attention.
    i dont know why anyone would want attention for looking like that but whatevz.

  23. gin&tonic

    what a fucking idiot

  24. christine

    let’s talk about this.

  25. tlmck

    He plagiarized that shirt.

  26. He needs to wear t-shirts that say “Craftsman” on them to warn people at a distance that he is a fucking tool!

  27. Swearin

    Everyone needs to just get off his damn lawn

  28. Ronaldo

    What is wrong with this guy?
    Taking his reputation down the toilet

  29. PassingTrue

    He’s nicely transitioned from curious/eccentric to post ironic and boring as all heck. Bravo, well played sir. Have a cookie?

  30. Elf

    This was the day Shia LeBouf finally came up with something he hadn’t stolen from someone else: A new style.

  31. I’m really confused at the message here.

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