1. Pretty sure the skank on our right with the tattooed arm is Daisy De La Hoya who was on that dumbass Rock of Love show.

  2. George P. Burdell

    On is the new girl in town fresh from the sleep cab that brought her from Nebraska. The other is the only one on Sunset that doesn’t know he pays with monopoly money.

  3. Pretty sure the one on the left is a repeat performer for him.

  4. Fancy Face

    Is that redhead Daisy Delahoya?

  5. Here I was thinking that scientist have found a way to bring blow-up dolls to life. Nope, it’s just Daisy from Rock of Love!

  6. The throat tattoos say “professional prostitute”…but the night spent with Corey Feldman says “will finding her way back to Jesus tomorrow a.m.”

  7. cmonreally

    I’d have to be fucking wrecked out of my mind if I was going to spend the night with Feldman. Sheesh.

  8. SER

    Aww, he’s like a little Charlie Sheen. Except with less talent and less money–but equal amounts of porn stars and crazy! So he’s got that goin’ for him.

  9. How desperate must you be to hang out with Corey Feldmen, to gain some attention? Damn, it takes all kinds.

  10. Let me guess, he got one from the local dollar ho store and the other he found still passed out when the circus left town.

  11. crb

    How many points to I get if I hit the stars on her throat?

    Oh, and girl on the left still thinks this is all some fun little game…

  12. The blonde is cute. Looks like she still has hope in her eyes. A night with Feldman will get rid of that.

  13. MZ MIZRY

    dude is just 2. COOL. 4. SCHOOL.

  14. gin&tonic

    Before I read the caption I just assumed it was Charlie Sheen, the soon to be Mrs. enjoying her last days without black eyes, and some tranny who stumbled off the Rock of Love bus 5 years too late.

  15. The one on the left is either wearing some super high heels or she’s Maria Sharapova’s less known twin sister who turned to let’s call it “escorting” because her father didn’t pay attention to her.

  16. lawn

    Ditch the redhead, bring the blonde to my house.

  17. I’m guessing this picture wasn’t taken at the Sports Illustrated event.

  18. HEY, blonde chick…CALL ME!

  19. Swearin

    Two more guests for the Feldman Home for Wayward Girls

  20. Another night, another pair of whores. Tiring, yes, but someone has to keep them off the street.

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