1. “Dammit, my stomach, I just had Mexican”

  2. George P. Burdell

    Hook a brother up. I am looking for a new maid and I can pay cash.

  3. “Michelle, You ah Latina, I need a maid, it’s puhfect. But it turns out she eez sceezoreen some skank”.

  4. Ooooffff. I went down on Catherine Zeta Jones last night and I already have stomach cancer.

  5. I am bigger zen you Awnold!

    No you ahhh nawwwttt. Stop making me laugh…

  6. coljack

    “Ahhhl be bahk…for secuhndz.”

  7. “Surprise! I’m pissing on your leg with your own kidney. Did you enjoy the ice water bath? Thats for the Expendables and fucking me out of $12! Booyah!!


    yoo call DAT a dickwad??

  9. “I’ll be back in the Terminator reboot…Don’t laugh, it’s not a rumor!”

  10. “How long before your fangs actually come out?”

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