1. did you hear Michelle Rodriguez is scissoring some skank?

  2. Your wife told me Jeffrey Dean Morgan was better thank you in the sack…

  3. “Can I please have one of your hard candies?”

  4. Man Rule Proposal: “No man shall ever cup his hand to another mans ear to whisper him a secret”

    All in favor??

  5. JimBB

    “I know you’re also secretly Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”

    • They look eerily similar at times, yet I find JDM really attractive and JB … not so much.

      Explain that one to me, God.

      • They certainly look enough alike that they could play brothers…HEY WAIT! What say a Spanish language remake of The Blues Brothers! (Jeez…I sure hope JDM can speak Spanish. Or at least do a good job of faking it.)

      • I do not understand the downvote logic of people on here sometimes. I guess someone Spanish was offended by your comment, somehow.

  6. “Psst. The most I ever lost in a coin toss, was my butt virginity in an L.A. county jail. Keep it on the D.L.”

  7. coljack

    “If they ask you if Woody ever touched you inappropriately on the set of Vicki Christina, just answer, ‘I do not recall.’”

  8. coljack

    “Javier, I masturbated to Penelope’s nude scenes in Vanilla Sky.”

  9. hey

    “I banged the Olsen twins before they were famous”

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