1. Lovely little ass.

  2. George P. Burdell

    Twerking on the beach gets you a viral video. A tweet that shows a Kardshian what a real ass looks like gets you in Sports Illustrated.

  3. Sports Illustrated has finally discovered a sport I’m interested in. Arena Football, you almost had me…but Beach Asses looks to be my life calling.

  4. Let me be reborn as a sand crab. “I’ll pinch your lips”.

  5. Dat ass deserves all the attention it gets.

  6. gin&tonic

    Huh, I just clicked on the thumbnail assuming this was Ireland Baldwin. I’m a little dissapointed to have to go a full day without her ass selfies :(

  7. How do we know that is actually her? That could be any skinny blonde chick with an amazing ass.

  8. The more I stare at this picture, the more I think there is a structural engineering issue here…

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