1. Emily Rata…. whatever, boobs.

  2. crb

    Sadly, I only know about 2 of the 6800+ possible languages in which to say, “I love you[r boobs], Emily. Please, please marry m[y p]e[*is]“.

  3. Her eyes speak to me…it’s like they see into my soul, knows what I’ve been doing with her photos, and does not reject me.

    hang on baby, I’m getting my stalking hoodie on…

  4. I wann hump her leg, like a spastic chihuahua.

  5. She looks better than all of the others there. Her and Christie Brinkley took it.

  6. gin&tonic

    Witch nosed butterface. Nice tits though, her sugeon deserves an award

    • Anybody who thinks this chick’s tits are fake is announcing to the world, “I’ve never been able to pull a girl with nice tits.”

      Her boobs are 100% real. Trust me. The way they move, the way they look in different positions, the way they hang. I’ve encountered equally nice boobs out in the wild and anybody else who has had a similar pleasure will recognize Emily’s pair for the natural titty masterpieces they are.

      I’m sorry you haven’t been able to bang a girl with nice tits, though :( You truly are missing a whole other side to life.

      • gin&tonic

        Clearly you’ve never seen nice fake tits. Not every store-bought pair are rock hard bolt-ons. The best titty surgeons know not to go too big for the frame and how to blend them in under whatever’s naturally available.
        Have you ever actually felt silicone implants? The first time I did I was surprised by how actually squishy they felt. like goopy/jello-ish? hard to describe, but they were really jiggly and movable. Emily’s are nice, but definitely fake. She was probably a B cup to begin with then wanted to upsize.

      • No, she used to have bigger tits when she was 18 and had more meat on her. She went full frontal as soon as she was legal and still had some baby fat on her, giving her fuller breasts. She lost some weight and lost some of the tits. That’s how real breasts work, moron.

        There are some decent fake tits like SJU or Vikki Blows, but it’s a surgeon’s room, not Hogwarts.

        There is literally no reason to think Emily has fake boobs other than that you wish she did.

      • True, this. It’s like no one can accept there are naturally fabulous racks, and if the babe is hot and famous, she must automatically have fakes.

      • Cut gin&tonic some slack. He apparently hasn’t been on the planet long enough to remember what unadulterated tit meat looks like. I used to be married to a pair of the nicest tits on the West Coast. Lousy ass, but magnificent mammaries.

    • gg

      gin&tonic is right. They are totally fake. You must see “breast implants under the muscle” thats what she did. thats why they look more natural.

  7. sc4play

    WAY tooo many clothes!!!

  8. Hottest one in SI.

  9. Ronaldo

    Looks hot with or without clothese

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