1. Now this is a supermodel.

  2. She slept that weird, apple-headed freak, DeGilbertgrape or whatever the fuck his name is. Would not fuck.

  3. gin&tonic

    Hot ass in latex, makes up for my lack of Ireland keister disappointment. I miss the good old days when plenty of hot chicks actually looked like this before they started injecting fuck only knows to look like their ass has cancer

  4. So is this an audition to play Catwoman? Because if so she’s got the role.

  5. My jpeg artifacting is hotter than your jpeg artifacting.

  6. Now that is nice right there.

  7. lawn

    Pants by Rust-Oleum (black enamel).

  8. Such a beautiful woman. Such poise. Such grace. I think it’s time someone talked her into doing some full-frontal nudity pictures. Tastefully, you understand (as in no dildos and such!

  9. Ronaldo

    wow….very cute

  10. I can see myself.. In that ass.

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