1. Ahh nothing sexier than a gunt to go with a ginormous ass….

  2. If those leather pants believe in reincarnation, they must think they’re a cow fetus as they slowly expand each day.

  3. Toe Jam

    Where boners go to die.

  4. At least she doesn’t have to buy all new clothes since everything she owns is already meant for pregnant women.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles, and Ventura County as well. That’s how big she’s gotten.

  6. Many cans of Crisco died, so she could squeeze into those pants.

  7. Cock Dr

    Plaid shirt hides the split cowhide in the back.

  8. PiƱa Colada

    Somewhere in the garden a Mexican is looking for his shirt.

  9. Oh, the huge manatee…

  10. Wheres my hat?

    Finally the secret burglar of Slashs tour wardrobe reveals herself !

  11. Inner Retard

    Kim learned early establishing dominance over your kid can never start soon enough. As such constricting leather pants and anything else wrapped tightly around your belly is a must.

  12. The leather pants make perfect sense – as soon as her calf is born, it will be ejected straight into a proper hide.

  13. Cookie

    Q: What did Kim Kardashian’s right leg say to her left leg?

    A:Nothing, they’ve never been together.

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