1. BP

    They can double date with Neil Patrick Harris and his husband!

  2. I shall call you…Mini Me!

  3. “Tell me your secret o undeserving gatherer of top-notch ass…”

  4. Toe Jam

    awkward bro-hug

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “When this paparazzo leaves, I’m gonna tear that ascot off with my teeth.”

  6. “I know it was you, Spade. You broke my heart.”

  7. broduh jenner

    his hate said hetero before this pic was taken

  8. broduh jenner

    his hat said hetero before this pic was taken

  9. Joe

    Alex: “Psst, hey David, wanna play butt rape?”
    David: “Uh, no.”
    Alex: “That’s the spirit.”

  10. “That ascot makes you look kinda gay. Tell me where you buy them.”

  11. “Now, you are MY woman!”

  12. “Save it, Dave. Save it.”

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