1. “Oprah, Oprah…OTHER than eating, what have you been doing since your retirement?”

  2. BP

    I’d love to smell that leotard when she’s done……….

  3. Toe Jam

    My mother always said, if you keep drinking like that, you’ll spend your life in a bar. If only she was right.

  4. She’s a-living in a box! She’s living in cardboard box!

  5. Cock Dr

    It looks as though she’s been thoroughly enjoying her retirement.

  6. Seems like everyone got arrow-keyed on this one.

  7. Draft dodger. Married her cousin to keep out of the Israeli army–but supports other Israelis killing Palestinians. Lovely girl.

  8. Teetering on the edge of a tub so you can feed the fame-whore inside…would only be priceless if she fell and had to explain away the fact that a faucet ripped a hole in her face. Ah, to be young and stupid.

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