1. Tqwink

    Camel Toe Alert!

  2. No, not even once, sister.

  3. brick

    “Thanks but we don’t need the clue Lisa, we can see your V just fine!”

  4. “I can’t believe she puts her swollen, puffy lips on display like that.”

    “Yeah, what was she thinking with those tights?”

    “Oh yeah, those are pretty bad, too.”

  5. The first set of double duck lips!

  6. EricLR

    Hey Lisa, how many decades since menopause?

  7. I’d like to get some stink on her hang low.

  8. I love both sets of her plump lips.

  9. Two! Two nipples, ah ah ah!

  10. I never would have guessed that the Crips took yoga classes.

  11. Johnny Barbells

    …i’d step over most of the 20-something starlets of today to get summa her.

  12. KtothaJ

    Today is brought to you by the number 2
    2 Nipples
    2 Flaps

  13. OzMatters

    Hal, open the pod bay doors … Oh, never mind, I see they are already open.

  14. From the waste down she looks like one of the korean speed skaters.

  15. Somewhere out there is a poor camel walking around with a terrible limp.

  16. I just figured out where they get the fat from to inject into her lips

  17. bruce leeroy

    This is how many more natural orgasms I have left before I start the hormone treatments.

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