1. joe

    Out of frame: Hayden blowing both of them.

  2. “You keep shut stupid mouth or Wladimir poke you in eye with girlfriend!”

  3. EricLR

    I must break you…and also kiss you.

  4. “You haves no chance, Alex. I see prophecy on USA channel. I beat you and you dies. Only you had fro. And were black. But you dies all the same.”

  5. The Pope

    Okay, round 47…

  6. Do it! Call me “Laurence Fishburne” again. C;mon!!

  7. Nothing says badass like “Oxmar Properties” written on the back of your shirt.

  8. BlackManUSA

    “No my giant penis didn’t hollow out her insides…TAKE IT BACK!!

  9. It’s very disrespectful to cut Hayden out of the picture. Bring the camera down to waist level.

  10. “Where is blonde little sex troll?”
    “Still attached to penis.I was running late.”
    “Nice!” *fist bump*

  11. “Look, Vlad, I know she’s petite, but with an abundance of lube and lots of foreplay you should be able to get your whole fist in there.”

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