1. Bill Clinton looks at and points to the camera and says, “I DID have sexual relations with that woman.”

  2. Visible Ink

    Timeless, flawless, braless.

  3. Little Tongue

    And there goes Linda Tripp, in the background, taking notes, still hoping to impeach former prez Clinton. Senile dementia at it’s very darn best.

  4. Who are you?

    Poor Farrah Abraham, Elizabeth Hurley attracts more men at 48 then Abraham ever will.

    I bet Clinton will never say “I had sex with her” about Abraham, even if he did.

  5. yenjvoy

    From the safety pin dress to the Mickey Mouse pin dress!

  6. What a beautiful women.

  7. She’s still physical perfection.

  8. She looks lovely, aside from the mat of dead things she’s holding.

  9. OzMatters

    A bit Warne around the edges ….

  10. “OK, Liz, I’ve got you penciled in for Friday at three for a full-body tongue massage…”

  11. Nut bra

    I guess eating Bill’s sperm doesn’t make you fat……..hey Monica?

  12. Clinton was my commander in chief when I was in the service…where he leads, I WILL FOLLOW

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