1. Hey, it’s Mega-Skankwhore!

  2. “Hey, everybody, meet my new boyfriend. We just made a tape of our love. Just for the two of us – don’t ever publish it all over the internet, OK?” *wink*

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    Is that who she fucks in her new not-a-porno?

  4. cmonreally

    This is huge progress for her – normally she’d be sucking that bears dick.

  5. Even the bear can’t get it up for her.

  6. Hey, it turns out I AM hung like a bear.

  7. Does the bear look ashamed to have his picture taken with her?

  8. Is she asking for 2 bears?

  9. HumpinFrog

    I can’t tell whose eyes are more dead inside? I’ll go with the chick looking at the camera and her nose simultaneously.

  10. MarketingMike

    Back Off Haters!
    Plushie Porn is the next logical step!
    Every girl should own a 6′ Poo Bear
    with life size “Hulk Hogan” peen.

  11. She did not know this photo was being taken.

  12. Cock Dr

    Most sensible male mammals become flaccid around Farrah.

  13. EricLR

    Expecting story on how the bear raped her soon.

  14. Little Tongue

    “Back Door Teen Mom 3 — They Bear it All”

  15. Little Tongue

    “Mom? I’m hungry…”
    “Shut up, Sophia. Remember? You’re a bear, tonight. If you do a good job, I’ll get you two whole lettuce leaves. You don’t want to end up a fatso like Honey Boo Boo, do you?”

  16. 10 secs later Farrah tried to suck the bear’s dick and had to be dragged away. Instinct kicked in .

  17. donkeylicks

    He’s rethinking some of his life decisions.


  19. Number of pornos ive made..

  20. charlesatlas

    Her parents gave up a long time ago,

  21. BlackManUSA

    “That’s right!! In my new porno, I take it in 2 holes!!”

  22. Even the bear is ashamed to be seen with her.

  23. “I fucked her with a parsnip last week. And a sold the parsnip to a family with four small children.”

  24. Mrs Opinionated

    2 seconds later she was on her hands and knees begging the bear to cum inside her…that pic and video will be part of her 3rd movie “I´m cummin in bear back!”.

  25. jaime

    How does she get invited to these things? Do they actually want her around????

  26. navvet75

    I can’t bear it.

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