1. Is she someone famous, or just a hot chick who walked by while they were taking photos of Paris Hilton?

    Also, nice hipster ironic cell phone headset…those were funny 10 years ago.

    • Not to mention, two bags on her arm, but she STILL HAS TO HOLD THE GIANT HEADSET IN HER HAND.

      • teledildonics

        the whole point of owning a giant headset is to tell everyone how fucking awesome you are with your crazy irony. Hard to accomplish that with it hidden in one of your two bags.

      • Trek Girl

        Or she just finished using the her phone and head-set, and instead of stopping in front of the paparazzi and the car that seems to be heading in her direction, she’s going to put the phone and head-set back in her bag when she is in whatever building or car she is going to.
        Also, those head-sets aren’t really meant to be funny. Some people might get them to attract attention, but most people like them because they cut down on the amount of radiation that ends up near their head when they use their cellphone, and some people find them easier to hold.

      • Trek Girl, that explanation (the “she just finished using it” one) might be valid on its face, but haven’t you noticed that seemingly every celebrity shown on this site is holding their cellphone in their hand? Regardless of the presence of handbags and pockets that could carry it—and also regardless of the presence of the cup of coffee and car keys and what not they are usually holding in the same hand as well? They can’t ALL be “just finished” using their phone. Let’s face it—even when they’re just finished…they still don’t put it away.

      • qt

        its no just celebrities

        I always have my cellphone on my hand and car keys too

        same with my mom and shes almost 60

      • Trek Girl

        @Tom Frank: So, the fact that many people are constantly texting, talking on their phones, or have their phones at the ready almost all the time doesn’t mean anything? I have noticed that a lot of celebrities on this site are shown with their phones in their hand, but that’s really not unusual when you consider the fact that they are usually caught going to or from the gym, shopping, on their way to business meetings, going to or from their home, or going grocery shopping; guess what, it’s normal for people to use their phones before after or doing all of those things.

  2. Boo

    Wow that sure looks good!

  3. Bow chicka wow wow.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    She’s in amazing shape for a 40 year-old dude.

  5. it had to be said

    Is this the chick who plows Eddie in the tuckus?

  6. cc

    Hopefully that car sneaks up behind her and blasts it’s horn. I love doing that.

  7. GeorgeWBush

    What’s up with that old school telephone?

    • Trek Girl

      It’s a handset for cellphones. A lot of people, like the first few commenters, don’t really like them, but those handsets can make using a cellphone more convenient, and they cut down the amount of radiation that goes into ones head when using a cellphone by a pretty good amount. Google “phone handset” or “retro phone handset” if your interested in finding out more about them.

  8. The Brown Streak

    Damn, someone conned her out of her shirt buttons. This woman is just too gullible.

  9. Rob

    As a heterosexual man, you guys are terrible as staying in the closet. Shes got a man fac, oh…I get it now.

  10. Colostomy Bag

    Which nipple likes to talk, and which nipple likes to listen?

  11. lily

    great body! could do without that face though…blah

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