1. Matt Damon!

    Wow…just, wow.

  2. arnieblackblack


  3. Any Guy

    yup, totally what I expected his ‘fans’ to look like. all is right with the world.

  4. farting old man's wife

    After the skanks he has banged those women are lucky to not be crawling will herpes!

    • Evil Dick Tater

      In reality the woman on the right is so crammed with herpes it’s making her eyes bug out and the tranny on the left is none to happy below that sequined belt.

  5. wtf

    ernst, am was zum Teufel soll ich mit diesen fugly H√ľndinnen tun

  6. He’s in his trance like state where he must bang everything he sees… Just kidding, that’s just his normal face…

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    His eyes are saying “DIAL 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. Johnny P!

    Chick on left: “That’s mah teddy bear! Quick, take the pic, I want it blown up an’ in mah trailer tuh-night!”
    Chick on right: “Bvvv! Guh-gll-gll!Bvvrt!”
    Jesse: (thinking) “Yep, these are the last of my loyal fans. Someone shoot me now. please…”

  9. Cock Dr

    That is one foul sandwich….and you know he loved every minute of it.

  10. I had to check. For a minute there, I thought I was on the People of Walmart site.

  11. Now he’s banging chicks who’s looks can only improve when dressed like Nazis…

  12. Bonky

    “Fuck, THESE are my fans ? I gotta get out of this business !”

  13. anthonyOA

    Somewhat of a step down from Sandra Bullocks.

  14. dotmatrix

    That’s his demographic, all right.

  15. Nice Tom

    Now he’s cheated on Kat with 21 women

  16. “Whaddya mean they’re not Americans???”

  17. bethy

    ::realizes these are his fans::

  18. If you lined up all the women I’ve seen him with over the years, but in reverse order, it would look like that evolution timeline where the ape turns into modern man.

  19. squishy

    His next big dalliances and STDs waiting to happen….

  20. How do you pick up tranny hookers in a horse-and-buggy?

  21. Ina Garten's Panty Shield

    Jesse comes to realize that sex with groupies just loses that particular zing when you don’t have someone special to cheat on.

  22. Juaquin ingles

    I can totally see why chicks would be into this homely ass aged Ben Rothlisbeger MFer.

  23. tlmck

    Just realized that is life sucks.

  24. KC

    With fans like these, who needs enemas?

  25. Raoul

    Jesse James at the exact moment he realizes how far he’s fallen from when he used to sleep with “some actress”.

  26. Uncle Phil

    “Say what you want guys, it’s still a threesome. But yeah, I’m totally turning the lights off during.”

  27. So Jesse is fucking hair lips now?

  28. instahater

    This is a picture of the exact moment that he realized he was still going to have sex with both of these women.

  29. JJWHT…all of that.

  30. Larissa

    OK, now all of a sudden he panics when he realises his persona demands of him he pleasures these women as well. Or else seriously, how does he keep up with his quota. The public has expectations. Make bed, lie in it.

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