1. “The Sitter” is her new perfume fragrance, hence named because it smells like someone just got up after sitting on a vinyl chair for 7 hours.

  2. JC

    Meet the next Maxim cover model.

  3. Marie C

    The hosiery, the dress, the belt!! Good sakes where did she raid the only CLOTHESTIME outlet left in the world??

  4. WhateverYouSay

    If I had to close being a walrus or looking Deena for the rest of my life….I’d choose the walrus. At least I’ll have a longer life expectancy.

  5. You guys ever notice how she looks like a combination of Snookie and JWoww? I’m really gonna have to start re-thinking this whole religion thing…

  6. Cock Dr

    Those stripes go all the way into the next time zone.

  7. CranAppleSnapple

    I thought there was a fashion rule regarding Oompaloompas and horizontal stripes.

  8. The backdrop printer left out the “h.”

  9. I gotta say Deena looks pretty fuckable in that picture.

    Yeah she does.

    Come to daddy.

  10. boing

    there lies a caulk tucked away amongst those gunt rolls…

  11. Bonky

    I’d fuck her right now, because that’s the best she has looked in months. But afterwards, she’s gotta go, I ain’t taking no chances seeing her as she usually is.

  12. Nina

    Hey, she looks really bangable here

  13. These photowalls are really getting sophisticated. This one senses who’s standing in front of it and tells the world what you should get her for Christmas.

  14. SlippinX12

    I can’t wait to see her in Warhorse this Christmas

  15. blah

    Did she get some work done?

  16. squishy

    Vertical strips make you slimmer looking, VERTICAL!!

  17. Debutante

    She looks like she had her nose done.
    And she’s not as tan. . Big improvement.

  18. If the backdrop is any indication we should run for our lives because HOLY SHIT, IT’S HE SITTER!

  19. cc

    Someone decorated a fire hydrant for Christmas.

  20. She looks like she ate Jonah Hill’s liposuction.

  21. KC

    They keep her around to make Snookie look thin and pretty.

  22. Venom

    Deena blew the good plastic surgeon.

  23. Is this a new Jersey Shore cast member?

  24. So much for stripes being slimming…unless she’s actually a buffalo that is.

  25. Rob

    Why are we getting so many pictures of the cast member with broad shoulders? Is she on his fantasy football team?

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