1. Matt Damon!

    “MATT DAMON!!”

  2. Tim to suck today’s dick.

  3. Matt Damon in, The Bourne Yodeler.”

  4. Bonky

    So that’s what they mean by being “lit badly”.

  5. Winnie

    What happened to Channing Tatum?

  6. “No, I’m not filming a remake of Romper Stomper.”

  7. bethy

    “I will NOT bring your car around!”

  8. Arzach

    -”Scotty doesn’t know!”-

  9. Astronaut Jones


  10. Mallissin

    “I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING!”

  11. RONCO

    Where’s my wife? Where’s Jenna?

  12. The guy behind him is perplexed – you don’t normally see that kind of perpetual butt hurt without Sean Penn nearby.

  13. If there was ever a face that said “one Pabst away from spousal abuse”…

  14. Contusion

    Proving once again that he’s not the one who needs a wig.

  15. tlmck

    Full metal jacket head.

  16. KC

    He’s wearing a special toupee made from Spencer Pratt’s flesh-colored beard.

  17. rican

    Hey Tito, where’s your porno star wife?

  18. dreadpiratejenn

    Starting the Bruce Willis superfansite was the best thing I ever did. BEST EVER!!!

  19. He looks angry. Did someone ask him about teacher salaries again?

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