1. neo


  2. JWow actually looks kinda innocent at 15. Whoda thunk?

  3. Carolyn

    Those ears!!!

  4. The Pope

    We got another fat one coming up.

  5. JC

    Now you know why Kris works so hard to whore out Kim and Kourtney. She knows that the money is going to dry up when she’s got no one left but Khloe and this one to pimp.

  6. Marie C

    Its a Jenner (not a Kardashian…)! Not as pretty as the others and she should not even be getting her picture taken.

    • WhateverYouSay

      She’s not pretty at all. At least Kendell is cute.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      She’s still tainted with PimpMomma’s blood, but really, not resembling any of THOSE girls makes her the luckiest member of that family.

    • Dan

      She’s prettier than any of her fake plastic sisters.

      Run away little girl! Before it is too late!

  7. WhateverYouSay

    I think she’s unflattering, rude, obnoxious, annoying, and spoiled, this Jenner girl. But Kris Jenner is her mother, so there’s no surprise to this.

  8. Ruth

    She needs to boot whoever made that thing and whoever told her it was a good idea to wear.

  9. What are her father’s eyebrows doing over her tits?

  10. Does anyone else see the bug-eyed alien inside her top? Is that the Thetan thingy that Tom Cruise is scared of (or is the Thetan thingy Tom fears look more like a woman’s vagina)?

  11. Venom

    This is not the really hot one, that is Kendall, and in this one’s defense, she is still really young.

  12. Bonky

    She could always do openings for public toilets like Kim used to do.

  13. fattymcgee

    She looks like a cross between Danica Patrick and a man. That’s right, I’m officially dubbing this young girl I’ve never met; “Manica Patrick”, because I am shallow and base the value of a woman solely on her looks. Regardless of age.

  14. Still borrowing Khloe’s shirts, I see.

  15. Just think how desensitized we are about Kim being pissed on… Kris Jenner is going to make this poor girl take a Cleveland Steamer to keep the famewhorery going.

  16. bethy

    The anatomy of an anime character can only be accentuated by a suggestion of Hentai. Sheer blouse it is.

  17. bethy


  18. puddleduck

    There is something really odd looking here…after staring for a few minutes, I think I have it. She has no neck! And those ears sticking out? Poor little thing…with all that money, you would think she could get some black undies. I really almost feel sorry for her, she should meet up with Rumer Willis and they could form a club for ugly celebrity offspring.

  19. Fake_ID

    look at the whole picture folks.

  20. cc

    She’s borrowing the fat suit from ‘Friends’.

  21. squishy


  22. BAHAH

    That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.

  23. Yagiska

    So if Khloe’s a wookiee and this one’s an Ewok, which one is Jar Jar Binks?

  24. Twilight81

    It’s like they took the worst parts of all of them and made a Frankenkardashian.

  25. Terry

    I can imagine the types of PR shenanigans Kris is going to conceive for this media whore in training. And of course cue the long line of brothers that’ll be slapping that booty. Can’t have a Kardashian without a chocolate daddy long stroke.

  26. mm

    Oh my, I’m embarrassed for her, this is a god-awful photo. Is she truly that ugly and hulkish? Poor girl.

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