1. jorge

    is that what i think it is?

  2. A Salon named Boychuck? I see Travolta invested well…

  3. cc

    Always Pads….activate!

  4. I seriously thought she had died.

  5. Is she at Boychuck to chuck the last of her boybits that I see peeking out?

  6. Little Tongue

    Is that the lowest end of a scrotum that I see?

  7. Toe Jam

    Is that a meat curtain?

  8. cruelbutler

    Joan Rivers looks younger than I remember……and manlier.

  9. Take it down a notch, White Rihanna.

  10. Considering I thought it was Joan Rivers from the thumb (then clicked on it anyway because I’m hardcore like that), this isn’t bad at all.

  11. She is sexy as hell. Or at least she used to be, her Playboy spreads are some of my favourites.

  12. Vlad

    I believe there’s a typo on the sign. It should read Boyjunk

  13. Oh, look! Shanna is hot and thinks she’s a birdie…Hey, Shanna, fly your pretty round butt over here and whoop some skull on me!

  14. Brett Ratner's sweaty ass hair

    Hey it’s… who?

  15. madonna

    Is that her vagina or a thigh flap ??

  16. Another frakkin blonded brunette!

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