1. Latoya, you look like you need to see a doctor…Dr. Conrad Murray!

  2. someone already called it. def a ‘bad plastic face’ theme today.

  3. cc

    We are all part of the gruesome nation…

  4. Michael got tired of the “two different people” fiction, and took the easy route.

  5. Cock Dr

    What a fucked up family.

  6. He’s decomposing well.

  7. Dave

    At the top of her forehead, is that just some wayward hair, or is she actually a Trill?

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    “Beat It!”
    “I’m not Michael…”
    “We know…LEAVE!”

  9. FUCK THIS! I’m going back to look at Daryl Hannah!

  10. Timothy

    Holy lord, put a shirt on that woman. Over her face.

  11. Cause everyone is lining up for a flash of those?!?

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