1. ThisWillHurt

    Played a mermaid, has a fish face.

  2. Celebration of Carole King and her music to benefit Paul Newman’s The Painted Turtle Camp in Hollywood.

    Or the easier acronym….CCKHMBPMTPTCH.

  3. BP

    She’s more manly now than Fabio!

  4. Jade

    I get it. Today has a theme. It is “bad plastic surgery” day.

  5. 1NDUN

    Pretty sure that’s her brother Darryl, or her other brother Darryl.

  6. Deacon Jones

    I just dont get this chick, she’s such a hippy yet injects her face with all kinds of shit.

    Hold a post-it note up to your monitor and cover from the eyes up. Than vice versa. Repeat

  7. cc

    Those are some mandibles.

  8. huh. she’s looked worse. did her face unfreeze or something?

  9. Little Tongue

    That mermaid is looking quite dudeish these days…

  10. Too bad she isn’t the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on top.

  11. Silky Johnson

    Dolph Lundgren looks terrible.

  12. Cock Dr

    Needs more botox.

  13. lawn

    Uh. . . I’d like to see Elle Macpherson again.

  14. jonesy

    What, is it fucking Fabio day, fish?

  15. icu

    I thought it was a double Wildenstein post

  16. Jamriqua

    why….why…why does she look just like the cat lady? have they been the same person all along???

  17. How did Vince Neil get his hair to stay without the bandana?

  18. catapostrophe

    “Was she a great big fat person?”

  19. HollywoodOutsider

    Necklace-as-shirt move. Didn’t see that coming.

  20. Adam Frawley

    Too much organic food?
    maybe she should try some beef if she’s going to look real manly

  21. “Shit happens and then your arrested Bitches!!”

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