1. You need to cover that with more material, girl.

  2. Performing in what? The ‘Nutcracker’?

  3. ty

    nas-ty!! Yuck!

  4. BP

    I hope they are performing the Bataan Death March!

  5. Smapdi

    Old woman, get off the stage!

  6. I’ve seen enough geriatric porn to know where this is going…

  7. Are butt cheeks supposed to hit the back of the knees?

  8. Dear Santa,

    I’ve been very good this year.

    Please give me my eyesight back.


  9. zomgbie

    shes 50.
    mick jagger is 70.
    so shes got another 20 more years of this to go.

  10. EricLr

    It’s nice that she does Christmas songs for the kids.

  11. cc

    Behold, the sugar plum fairy is now the date fairy.

  12. Jade

    I was trying to eat :(

  13. Rick

    She knows her “music” is worthless unless she’s stripping like a $2.00 pole dancer.

  14. Tidbit

    Low grade marching band has a rusty trombone.

  15. Oh, so that’s where marching bands come from.

  16. crap. has she not seen any pictures of herself in this pose? I’m still fuckin scarred from the last one! Stop the madness!

  17. looks just like a virgin.

    I mean the drummer on the left, not that dried up old whore.

  18. Mark B

    In every picture of a black man in a nut cracker costume, theres always a 3,000 year old mummified hag saying it all with her sand cunt.

  19. “IIIIIIII am a poor boy, too

  20. meeps!


  21. Frank Burns

    “This one time, at band camp, this old lady in fishnets bent over and it looked like two giant fleshy canned hams trying to escape black mosquito netting. Yeah, band camp is definitely when I turned embraced my virginity.”

  22. Chris

    Are you supposed to have buttflaps when you are bent over like that?

  23. Someone Else

    I never thought I would say this, but I’d rather see Ke$ha’s ass.

  24. $10 says her hip popped out and she’s stuck like that…

  25. I really don’t understand what I’m seeing. No human ass does that.

  26. I didn’t know she was doing Pink FLoyd covers.

  27. Now if this was 1982, I would be all over that ass. I don’t know how, because I didn’t exist at that time, but I would’ve figured it out.

  28. I’m not sure what she was going for with the clearly visible backstage worker, her need to bend over, or the drummers in fuzzy slippers, but I’m going to pass on her pa rum pum pum pums.

  29. Do they jam those drum sticks up there all at the same time, or one after another? And will she even feel it?

  30. Always loose with the term “performing” This happens every week it seems.

  31. Jamriqua

    even her future great grandchildren are embarrassed.

  32. will

    You’re beating on the wrong skins, sheesh.

  33. navvet75

    I’m blind

  34. Pa-rump-pa-bum-barf.

  35. Fingergod

    I see a bad moon rising…

  36. Newton

    I’d put a few fingers inside her but that’s where I draw the line.

  37. The Royal Penis

    “God damnit, where’s my contact?”

  38. Adam Frawley

    Why does she persist with exhibiting the 50 year- old ass and cooch? Madonna , it’s over .There’s a reason men are attracted to 18 year olds. If you can’t see why , you’re more vain and idiotic thatn I think you are

  39. Part of me is repulsed. But a larger part of me wishes I could be so “repulsive”.

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