1. Frank Burns

    Guten tag, Fraulein Kartoffel Kopf? Would you like to try fine German delicacies?
    Kartoffel Klöße

  2. Very wise to use her hair to mask the Leno chin…

  3. BP

    Rumer has it she’s a he…..

  4. henry hill

    i highly recommend she check into the hotel dachau and make sure to use the showers.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      I bet that 1 thumb’s down is from a pedant who knows Dachau wasn’t a death camp.

  5. DeucePickle

    Pretty cool butt though

  6. Cock Dr

    From a good distance she’s quite all right.

  7. jerseygirl71

    Ahhh, GERMAN potato head…..

  8. journalschism

    So THAT’S why there are so many Rumer Willis-face-dented pillows around Hollywood.

  9. Vlad

    the strategically placed hair makes her chin look more chin-like

  10. That’s a nice ass.

  11. That’s it… show us your good side… now turn your head more… DEAR CHRIST NO! Turn the OTHER direction!!

  12. Brett Ratner's sweaty ass hair

    Oh God. Really? Who the hell is she kidding?

  13. Adam Frawley

    first picture I’ve seen where she doesn’t look like a cross between a barnyard animal and Jim Nabors

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