1. ThisWillHurt

    “So models be walkin’ like dis, but super models be walkin’ like dis!”

  2. BP

    Even with those nasty age spots, I’d still hit that!

  3. 1NDUN

    “I know, right? Rumer Willis. Seriously?”

  4. diego

    “And then my melanoma exploded like this!”

  5. tlmck

    I wonder why the young face does not match the ancient body?

  6. Needs to stay out of the sun.

  7. Dick Trickle

    Ack! She’s covered in old.

  8. Anderson Pooper

    Ring finger’s empty and she’s advertising the fact. I’m going for it.

  9. Employee

    “…dingos ate 5 of my babies!”

  10. Finally found a crack in her perfection. Still would.

  11. will

    Chelsea Handler is looking old these days.

  12. Adam Frawley

    two words “age spots”

  13. Wasn’t she once know as the “The Body”? I guess we can called “The Skin” now instead.

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