1. 1NDUN

    Nice suit, guido. Did you rob a Goodwill?

  2. ty

    Diddy suit is played out. He was wearing the same kind if suits when Biggie Smalls was living. At least this time his mouth is closed.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      I was going to say at least this guy isn’t giving some Russian chick a pervy check of the merchandise.

  3. I thought Leisure Suit Larry was white?!?

  4. BP

    Just flew in from Hurricane Sandy…..

  5. 70s leisure suit.

  6. “Opulence. I has it.”

  7. Jade

    Somewhere a little old lady is tearing through her laundry trying to find her red velour leisure suit.

  8. This was just moments before he pulled out his Jitter Bug phone to complain about how his grandkids never visit.

  9. no velour Diddy. Not even JayZ can work velour. Or Beyonce even.

  10. So, it’s a Mercedes hood ornament…except that it’s not, it’s a huge medallion shaped like one. Somewhere along the way, “gangster” lost all meaning.

  11. iBall

    Whoever shakes his hand is in for a shock.

  12. Anderson Pooper

    Grandma called – she wants her couch cover back. It was either grandma or Goodwill, I couldn’t hear them very well.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    He wears the Mercedes symbol around his neck to remind himself which car he is driving.

  14. See, guys? We should learn. The man is a ” rapper, record producer, media executive, musician, actor, and entrepreneur”, and still finds the time and energy time to participate in, and win, the Mercedes Benz Burgundy Velvet Challenge.

  15. “YOU! Yeah, you in the maroon sweats. I’m running late. How about you hustle your ass on over here and get these bags for me…”

  16. And the Mercedes Douche Gold goes to….

  17. yoop

    “Who’s got my block of cheese the size of a car battery?”

  18. Carl Spackler

    Velour or Velvet ?
    George Constanza always wanted to be ensconced in velvet , so is Diddy copying George ? Not very original !

  19. Col. Bat Guano

    Probably heading to his home in Inconsequentialsville, South Dakota to live out the rest of his sad life, yelling at the Grammy Awards telecast on his 9in. console TV, and then running downstairs to run off about 1500 copies of his wild screed about Taylor Swift.

  20. Best Leisure Suit Larry impersonation ever…no wonder he got gold!!

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