1. Keith

    Grandma legs.

  2. There’s some questionable taste in showing up for an AIDS benefit dressed like a prostitute. Mostly because of those legs…yuck.

  3. JimBB

    She picked a charity that had its heyday in the 80′s too.

  4. Oh lord, those legs.

  5. No lady, you do not need to be showing those legs.

  6. Urbanspaceman

    Bag those thighs.

  7. Flatliner

    My advice to anyone who catches her fancy is…wait until an hour after eating and then start from the top.

  8. Jiminy Cryptic

    Gaugler? Damn, I was hoping she was a swallower.

  9. alex

    Audrina is aging nicely.

  10. Margaret

    Ugh, the seams of every canyon in LA is stuffed with this gunk.

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