1. Now Joan Collins is alive? Jesus Christ, is nobody dead?

  2. I seriously thought she was dead.

  3. Urbanspaceman

    As wax figures go, she’s a good one.

  4. schmidtler

    Nice of them to present her with a latex mold of her vulva as a parting gift.

  5. gary coleman's ghost

    Why is that old, crinkly, cat food eating, Grim Reaper dodging bitch still alive, and I’m dead?!

  6. Johnny P!

    So nice of Alex agreeing to follow her around while securely pulling the strings that hold her face back.
    A real gentleman!

  7. Jenn

    Proof positive that only the good die young. This bitch is gonna live forever. I adore her.

  8. Not bad for an old bat that’s held together with duct take and safety pins.

  9. she looks better than the new line of Hollywood ugly chicks.

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