1. Keith

    Let’s hope that his publicist, and not the woman he’s banging.

  2. yeah you two guys… you oughta be hangin from a tree

  3. Do we like him again?

    • Was there ever a time not to like him? People who jumped off the Michael Richards bandwagon when the public misunderstood the whole heckling incident are douchbags.

    • I never stopped liking him, I thought that shit was kind of funny and it was blown way out of proportion. Sometimes people blow up, sometimes they go on a rant, shit happens.

  4. kravdan

    Does anyone else find it ironic he’s wearing black?

  5. I guess enough time has passed that he thinks it’s safe to show his face in public again. He’s wrong. *aims sniper rifle*

  6. JimBB

    My nigga!!

  7. Hip hop Blows Horse Cocks

    Still love him!

    … Even though he’s a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason

  8. Jenn

    Table for two, in the whites only section. Thanks, Jose’.

  9. yoop

    I thought he was the Assman?

  10. mt

    Who’s that tall guy with the cell phone next to him?

  11. He’s calling the cops on two black guys.

  12. journalschism

    Very Reagan-esque.

  13. gary coleman's ghost

    On the phone with Paula Deen.

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