1. Seen here at the Pinch A Loaf For The Children Foundation, Prince William takes it old school and expels a Camilla Parker Bowles.

  2. JimBB

    Will one of you Indian boys be so kind as to fetch me my slippers and clean the east wing?

  3. “Oh, oh my! I just want to dunk you in a cup of Earl Grey!”

  4. Johnny P!

    Ever the generous royal, Prince Charles queefs one out and treats the children to the intoxicating aroma of estate-raised roasted quail in an organic juniper glaze, venison carpaccio, a fine claret, Earl Grey tea and an assortment of cheeses, jellies and crackers from Fortnam & Mason’s.
    Merry Christmas, children!

  5. Jenn

    C’mon then, let me have a turn. Sharesies, or I’m telling my mummy!

  6. meh

    the crap we didn’t miss

  7. And here I thought Higgins was Magnum P.I.’s butler.

  8. “…and this young man is how you use a bidet”

  9. “Craps ! I win again !”

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