1. Not even Bill would touch her…

  2. So long, erection. It was nice knowing you.

  3. Two words: Teeth whitener.

  4. I hope thats one of those insane Instagram filters that is making her teeth yellow and her skin the color of Charlie Sheen’s taint.

    It’s unfortunate for her that she got an unfair dose of the ugly stick.

  5. Uh…that is Chelsea Clinton.

    Hillary looks like this:

  6. “I always eat a few yellow crayons before dinner…”

  7. Aj

    Is that Sarah Jessica Parker over there? We used to pull a wagon together.

  8. JimBB

    Her teeth are more green than any technology that won an award that night.

  9. Sheppy

    Hillary’s complexion is looking better than usual. Still not pretty though/.

  10. She’s like a Komodo Dragon. Not only will she rip your fucking penis off, but then you’ll die of an infection.

  11. schmidtler

    All in all, I’d rather have a threesome with Goldie Hawn and Aretha Franklin. I really would. Call me, ladies!

  12. john

    you got a big mouth……..GOOD!!!!!!

  13. jill

    Someone beat her senseless with the Ugly Stick

  14. ” HEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!! ” jeez get that bitch a carrot!

  15. Swearin

    She looks like the victims of the Joker gas from Tim Burton’s Batman.

  16. Cookiepuss

    Um, it’s not like she’s trying to be a supermodel. Some teeth whitener couldn’t hurt, though.

  17. fred

    I imagine these are the thoughts that ran through her future husband’s head upon meeting Chelsea:

    “Pig, Pig, Pig, Cash, Ugly Pig, Fun to hang out with Dad, Pig, Pig, Mother is a Gigantic Pig, $100 million, Pig, Pig, If I marry her, maybe her father will take pity on me and take me with him to bang hookers in South East Asia, Pig, Pig, Clown Face, Pig . . .but standing on her wallet: it’s still a yes.”

  18. meeps!

    It’s nice to see Eeyore smile…

  19. Good God. I just want to kidnap her and take a toothbrush to her mouth.

  20. Bubba

    “DID YOU EAT IT??? Did you eat one of Joker’s tainted fish????”

  21. I cannot believe it’s not butter…or chiclets.

  22. So they finally announced who’s gonna play the Joker in Batman Vs Superman. boy are gonna be surprised.

  23. “Hey, Chelsea… you gonna wash your hair or brush your teeth at all while we’re on this trip?”
    “I got me monies AND a man! I ain’t gotta do nuthin’s, now!”
    “Fair enough.”

  24. Taft

    I’d wreck her like the economy. Zero hesitation.

  25. cory

    Sarah Jessica Clinton

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