1. “Suck it Jeff… These stilts make me taller than you…”

  2. JimBB


  3. “Listen Jeff I’ll give you a handjob if you get me in a good movie but I’m not gay.”

  4. Swearin

    “Just keep smiling, Jeff; I know where your Disney days skeletons are buried. Now let’s talk about Mission Impossible: the Musical…”

  5. its so cute the way tom loves to nuzzle with jeff’s head stubble.

  6. It must be weird to actually truly believe every syllable you utter is hilarious or wise or insightful.

  7. Riff Raff and Frankenfurter have a giggle or two before getting into costume and doing a little “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me” .

  8. donkeylicks

    Real Eastern Promises bodyguard, check. Black Ops Palin giving up Christianity before Christmas, check. How long before Jeff Katzenberg is going to be wearing the MIB shades?

  9. Margaret

    That looney tries way too hard to try to act like a ‘human doing’.

  10. Mohawk Disco

    Tom Cruise desperately needs to come out of the closet. It’s not healthy for him. He always looks like a loaded spring that could explode any second.

  11. Tom Cruise is still very hot. He is an amazing actor, “Born on the 4th of July”, “Magnolia”, “Eyes Wide Shut”. He can actually act. He has charisma and charm. I don’t give a damn if he worships an ant hill, his personal choice, but I do know who minds and minds a lot, Kabbalah. That is why this man was trashed suddenly and very badly. Since when was jumping on a couch a crime against humanity? But the sheep were told to hate their hero and hate they did. Pathetic.

  12. “Katz, only you know I’m wearing my 6″ heels today, you know I can just pinch here and you’ll feel the pain of a “Mavrick”, don’t you say a word!”

  13. “I LOVE it!! Your head feels like one giant penis!!”

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