1. Lose the hat Cindy, you’re not a freakin’ soybean farmer.

  2. “Did you see that big, pear-shaped has-been of a model back there? Boy, I’m sure glad I’m not her!”

  3. Venom


  4. “Take what off? Look, I know I’ve still got it going, but have you seen Stephanie Seymour on the other page? I mean fuck it man, no way I’m putting up a fight with that.”

  5. CranAppleSnapple

    Shit, I thought that was Janice Dickinson! Lift your game, Crawford!

  6. drex

    omfg fish, the scroll down ad? I hate you right now.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Still hot enough to give a straight stepson a boner. But not a gay stepson… that takes more than Cindy is currently working with.

    • Heyyyy…so Stephanie Seymour’s kid is her STEP son? Then the boner is understandable. Hell, my step mom used to give me a boner when I was a young buck. I remember one time out in the pool…

      As for Cindy Crawford, she still looks like a million dollars in cold, hard cash!

    • Bigalkie


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